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Ancestral Conversations

An InnerSource Foundation Publication

Ancestral Conversations: Meetings with Spiritual Guides
Is it really possible to receive information from ancestors? Is a two-way conversation possible? What comes after this life? Eduardo received answers to these questions during visitations with ancestral guides.

After more than thirty years of meditative practice, Eduardo was contacted by an ancestor who became his spiritual guide and led Eduardo to magnificent discoveries. Every meeting with was a spiritual learning experience, each described in this book. The last three events were experiences of Enlightenment, knowledge from Universal Spirit, apparently the same spiritual being that people call God, Allah, and other names.

Ten years after those discoveries, Eduardo decided to write this book and reveal his experiences. Twenty pages of the book are devoted to knowledge he received during audience with Universal Spirit. Another thirty pages explains how and why human beings can receive spiritual knowledge.

This softcover book has 142 pages and 11 illustrations, and was published by InnerSource Press. This book is out of print but used copies may occasionally be found. (ISBN 0-9665139-1-6).

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