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Eduardo Mitchell, Motivational Speaker

Better Mental Focus and Inner Calm Will Raise Your Effective IQ

Eduardo Mitchell
Speaker & Trainer for People Who Use Their Mind


I think life should be interesting and fun. But, I've seen that most people work under too much pressure and stress. That lowers their efficiency, degrades their performance, and takes all the fun out of life.

Most of us don't know how to use our mind to achieve the best performance in our chosen occupation and personal life. But it's not our fault. We weren't taught how, we never learned it, and there's no user's manual.

Instead, we mostly use the old fashioned "brute force" methods that we learned in elementary school. Essentially, that method consists of beating on the mind until it submits and learns more or less what we want it to. I see that as a form of mental self-abuse.

By learning simple mind control techniques, a person can learn new material more easily, increase retention, make fewer errors in their work, and discover new internal sources of creativity. What's more, all this can be done with less stress on ourselves and those around us.

A Different Approach

I coach people in methods of using The Mind for more effective learning, better mental health, and discovering a new-found joy of life. Learning these techniques isn't rocket science. It's simply a matter of practice—and knowing what to practice.

First and foremost, my students learn to quiet the Mad Dog of The Mind. That recalcitrant doggie must be taught to "sit and stay," allowing a person to achieve inner stillness and focus. Then, once the mind is quiet and centered, it can be brought to bear clearly and sharply, focusing its greatest powers on the problem at hand. It can also be taught to magically focus on nothing, which gives the gift of peace and quiet a person needs for rest, relaxation, and sleep.

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